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Hey, I’m Nate!

and i’m a wedding photographer in portland, oregon

Hey, I’m Nate!

and i’m A wedding photographer in portland, oregon

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Hey, I’m Nate!

and i’m a wedding photographer in portland, oregon

what sets me apart?


relationship is primary

For the absolute best wedding experience, it is crucial to have a good relationship with your photographer. I am your third wheel on your wedding day, and will be present for all the special moments. That’s why I place an emphasis on having a great relationship with my couples. So they love having me around and feel free to be their truest selves.


photos with feeling

My goal is for your photos to feel just like your wedding did. They should transport you back to the night. You should be able to smell the flowers and feel the dance floor. For me a good photo captures not just the image but the emotion of the day.



I photographed my first wedding over 18 years ago and have celebrated with couples all over the country. Likely, you don’t know anyone who has handled as many dresses or danced the cupid shuffle as much as I have. Weddings are an unpredictable celebrations that have moments of jubilation and ones of complex emotion. My approach is to join your family for the day, photograph the day from the inside out, and capture the magic when it arrives in anticipated or unexpected ways.

why portland wedding photography?

Why Portland feels like an easy question. Mountains, beaches, rivers, rain, and people. I was born in Canada, and raised in Arizona, and the moment I set foot in Oregon I knew it was for me. Not just because it wasn’t 120 degrees. It was over 15 years ago but I still remember walking down Hawthorne for the first time and realizing this was the place for me.
From mornings at Powell’s to evenings with the Blazers, to nights at Reel M Inn, I can’t image a city that I would rather live, photograph, and raise a family in. Sometimes I joke that the Pacific Northwest is a bit of a cheat code when it comes to photography. The equation is usually: 1. Go somewhere amazing with people. 2. take their picture. While it might be a bit more involved than that, the core of it is true. There are so many incredible places to explore and amazing people to explore them with, maybe the question is: Why be anywhere else?
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