About Nate Meeds

hey i’m nate!

Photography wasn’t always the plan. But it became clear pretty early on that despite my 6’3 frame, I had more talent with a camera in my hand than a basketball. I photographed my first wedding before I could drink and kept at it through multiple unrelated degrees and career choices. I have had a unique career path from Disney World parade coordinator, to Couples Therapist, to Wedding Photographer. Through it all, the common theme has been doing things that I’m excited and passionate about, and I’ve never been more excited than as a full-time wedding photographer.

When I arrive at a wedding, I come with the anticipation that anything could happen that day. Memories are guaranteed and it’s an honor to be the one trusted with capturing them. Your photographer is your third wheel on your wedding day, so it is a high priority that I connect well with my clients. I come to weddings to both photograph and celebrate my couples. To photograph a wedding from the inside out it’s crucial that I join the party and we revel together. Fortunately my counseling background lends itself to fitting in well and my parade experience means I’m ready for a party!

Less Philosophy More Facts

Married for 13 Years

2 Kids. 7 and 3.

Can be lured into a van with: Basketball Memorabilia, Vinyl Records, Iced Coffee.

Born in Canada, Grew up in Arizona, Lived in Portland, Oregon for 16 years.

All the things you didn’t ask about.